Road Safety Audit

What is A Road Safety Audit (RSA)

A Road Safety Audit is an independent review of the design or construction of a  road

where the safety hazards for all road users of the scheme are considered and

recommendations to mitigate or eliminate those safety hazards are promoted.

Chevron warning signs at approach to skew bridge,  Co.Wicklow

Chevron warning signs at approach to skew bridge, Co.Wicklow

When Should a Road Safety Audit be Carried Out?

Road Safety Audits are carried out at feasibility, preliminary design, detailed design, construction and post construction stages.

The early stage audits ensure that safer designs are carried forward to construction and the construction stage audits involve review of new road layouts prior to opening and thereafter monitor collisions, if any and recommend modifications.

Who Carries Out Road Safety Audits?

Road Safety audits are carried out by a minimum 2 person team of qualified Auditors. The auditors must be independent of the design team.

What Type of Schemes Need to Have an Audit Carried Out?

  1. All National Road Schemes.
  2. Regional and Local Road Schemes being designed to NRA DMRB.
  3.  Commercial accesses onto any road where requested by the Planning Authority or as outlined in the County Development Plan.
  4. Temporary Traffic Management Schemes where complicated layouts are required.

What Standards do RSAs Adhere to?

RSA’s have to be carried out in accordance with NRA DMRB HD 19/13

Local authorities adopt NRA DMRB and are the Roads Authority in such cases.

For Regional and Local Road Improvements RSA is required under NRA DMRB TA85/13.

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